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FMA 1 - Functional Health & Nutrition Exam

Mastering Patient Flow & Retention - The Nutrition Exam, a staple among practitioners, is now updated and expanded. This class includes formatting services, patient flow from consult to intake/exam to Report of Findings (ROF) & follow-up. Also included is practitioner-patient communication, choosing labs, initial protocols, forms & in-person, virtual or hybrid practice.


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FMA 2 -
Belly Aches and Bloating (Part A)

The Practitioner's Guide to the Gut (Part A) - Effective solutions for all the common gut health symptoms that bring patients to your office. Protocols that can be immediately put into practice with the option of lab testing as needed. Includes a functional crash course in digestion, dysfunction, lab selection & analysis, clinical tips & lifestyle recommendations plus Q&A.


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FMA 3 -
Belly Aches and Bloating (Part B)

The Practitioner's Guide to the Gut (Part B) - Advanced treatment protocols for SIBO, yeast/fungus, IMO, IBD + case studies. Class includes how to identify and explain these issues to your patients with optional testing to verify your findings. The ability to manage these conditions is an excellent practice builder, plus detailed lab selection & analysis,  plus Q&A.


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FMA 4 -
More than Cholesterol

Insights into Functional Heart Health - Cutting-edge solutions for heart health issues from a natural medicine perspective plus how to order and interpret advanced cardiac blood labs. This class includes an easy-to-implement system that generates many new patient referrals. Includes diet, lifestyle, supplement protocols, lab testing tips + more... 


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FMA 5 -
Food As

Growing a Nutrition & Weight-loss Practice - The nuts and bolts of a nutrition practice including key supplementation, effective meal plans, how to run group programs, and lifestyle protocols. A "ready-to-launch" system that can be implemented by the practitioner or staff member in your office. Includes key forms, handouts, clinical tips and covers a wide array of diets/meal plans including complex cases. When and what labs to order plus Q&A.


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FMA 6 - Waiting List Practice

Marketing Made Simple - A crash course in proven, effective and ethical marketing for today's modern patient. Excellent for generating a steady stream of patients to launch a new practice, expand an existing practice, or jump into a new field or specialty. Both in-person and virtual marketing methods are covered. This is the class that EVERY practitioner needs but forgets to take because they only focus on clinical skills...this is how the patients will find you!


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FMA 7 - Hormones Gone Haywire

Sex hormones, Adrenal & Thyroid Solutions -  Hormone health made simple with natural remedies for irritability, anxiety, fatigue, sleep issues & weight gain. Optional lab testing (what to choose and when) will be covered along with intake and exam findings to help the practitioner make quick clinical connections that will immediately benefit your patients. Includes some Rx/supplement tips, lifestyle issues, key nutrition protocols & lab analysis along with Q&A.


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functional medicine coaching academy
$475 each
(7 total, see list)

Take just the classes that interest you or take them all. If you take them all, you may want to consider completing the certification process to earn your FMACP or FMACC.

functional medicine health coach
$475 case review
$475 test
functional nutrition coach
(all 7 classes plus
certification costs)

Want to demonstrate to your patients that you've advanced your clinical & practical expertise? Consider the FMA certification (details below).

Take the classes at your pace and pay per class along the way. Classes & certification must be done in a 24 month cycle.

health coaching school
$2995 or $297/mo
(all 7 classes, certification + 2 group Q&A calls)

Significant savings and bonus Q&A calls if you know you want to complete all the classes and certification from the start - a great way to stay on course!

become a certified functional medicine


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degree in functional medicine
certification in functional medicine
Dr. Amy Smith, DC, FMACP
Joe Brown, MD, FMACP

The Functional Medicine Academy™ is designed to be the HOW and WHAT to do in practice to get things moving quickly, efficiently and to avoid practitioner burnout. FMA is not designed to replace your licensing CEUs nor other broad scope certifications such as IFM (Institute for Functional Medicine). FMA will not conflict with these other excellent programs but instead will be your "quick start" guide to making practical and clinical decisions as you create/expand the practice you love!

Functional Medicine Academy
Certified Practitioner (FMACP)

Open to licenses: MD, DO, DC, ND, OMD, PhD, PA, LAc, NP, RN, RD, DPT, PharmD, DDS
Must complete all 7 courses, pass the case review and certification test within 24 months. Course content is designed to be put immediately to use in practice. In all cases, current students & graduate may use the information up to the full scope of practice for their profession and/or according to state law.
(see items below)

Space is limited! A select few may work weekly with Dr. Zachary for clinical consults, practice issues and mentorship. Schedule to talk to Dr. Z to learn more:

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functional medicine degree program
functional medicine education
Coach Jake, CNC, FMACC
Kristy Williams, FMACC
Functional Medicine Academy
Certified Coach (FMACC)

Open to nutrition professionals (CNC/CNS), CMT/LMT, health coaches and students 
Same requirements, cost and time, however, the case review and certification test is different to represent the different scope of practice and lab testing limitations. All of same access to education is provided.

With the proper training and practice management skills, it is possible to have a very rewarding and lucrative career in the field of nutrition and wellness even without medical licensure.


functional medicine training

The Functional Medicine Academy™ was created for some of the following reasons:


There is a huge demand for Functional Medicine practitioners but not enough of them trained to meet that need.

Some practitioners have completed advanced Functional Medicine programs (sometimes ALL of them!) but are overwhelmed with all the information or unsure of how to put it into practice - they need a "cheat sheet" and systems to launch, be efficient, be confident and profitable.


Many traditionally trained physicians are lacking in nutrition or Functional Medicine knowledge.


Many professionals with adequate nutrition training lack needed business skills and marketing savvy to create a successful practice.


Often licensed practitioners and non-licensed nutrition professions do not speak the "same language" and miss and opportunity to refer to one another or work for one another in a holistic health clinic.


Sometimes clinically competent practitioners lack the skills to effectively communicate with patients.


Some health professionals need to learn how to blend cutting-edge Functional Medicine lab work with western and eastern healing modalities.


There are "newbies" interested in Functional Medicine that want to get a running start and experienced docs making the switch to Functional Medicine that do not want to have to reinvent the wheel.


Whatever your reason is, FMA is here to help!



Dr. Zachary was amazing in this whole process!  I really appreciate her willingness to give resources and help  me to start my business! I feel more equipped to launch and have the resources in place through her mentoring services.  I love that I have her in my repertoire for my practice in moving forward. Her classes are amazing and she has many opportunities to continue learning.


She has been so helpful in this process and I am excited that I found her through IFM (Institute for Functional Medicine). Functional Medicine is the approach of the future and the way to help clients truly heal. I look forward to continuing to learn from her! Her team was amazing and so accommodating in this process. I highly recommend Dr. Z.

- Ebony Coleman, MSN, APRN, FNP-C (nurse practitioner, functional hormone, gut and skin health)

Dr. Zachary's coaching was absolutely instrumental in setting up my practice. Her brilliant resources and common-sense, but very refreshing, practical advice saved me when all I could think of were obstacles. She has the solutions and a really great roadmap for any practitioner who wants to make their dreams a reality. I am so happy I found her, and will certainly look to her again should I need the assistance.


- Dr. Karen Van Wyk, MD, IFMCP (functional family medicine)

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